Chris O’Brien: 20-Plus Years In The Mysterious Valley

Chris O’Brien is the go-to researcher for the weird happenings in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. He has written three books about his experiences. His fourth and latest looked at the trickster element in the paranormal. We have already done interviews on all of his books, so this time, we just riffed on whatever came up.

What came up were discussions on his new UFO monitoring system in the San Luis Valley (which has just recently been set up), the underground base, UFO, and Bigfoot lore of Dulce, New Mexico and how the Jicarilla Apache Tribe feels about it, the oblique way of communicating with Native Americans, Phil Imbrogno’s fall from paranormal grace and  strange and scary new case O’Brien has been investigating with Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Along the way, I hope Chris was able to answer the questions sent in by listeners. We had a lot of fun and I apologize for talking too much, but Chris and I have known each other for many years, and Radio Misterioso is often just an excuse for a conversation. Enjoy.

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25 Responses to Chris O’Brien: 20-Plus Years In The Mysterious Valley

  1. Bob Desnos says:


    What can you tell us about the camera project you have going on in the San Luis Valley. I read on the paracast forums that there was some fairly interesting phenomena captured recently. When can we see the results?


  2. Bob Desnos says:

    PS- really looking forward to this show, Greg.

  3. Oooh this will be a good one! 🙂

  4. JT says:

    Wonderful! I’d enjoy you two riffing on the tricker & tulpas & having fun with the universe as opposed to the universe making fun of you.

    A few curveball topics: Dowsing as a tuning fork. Astral travel to consciousness 2.0.

  5. Denn M says:

    Hello Greg, was wondering if Chris had any insight or comments on Skinwalker Ranch and the events that reportedly took place there. Looking forward to the show!

  6. Bob Desnos says:

    Also any updates that you know of on the NIDS/Skinwalker Ranch?

  7. pete says:

    Damn, wish I’d had my wits about me last night.

    Love to have asked Chris [ as he’s an accomplished musician and that’s my thing too ] if he’d had any musical related weirdness ever happen to him…

    Looking forward to this though, it’s hard not to like Mr O’Brien.

    • Speedo Wearing Nordic Space Hunk says:

      He actually did tell a story a few weeks back on the paracast. I do not recall all of the details but if i remember he had a dream that if memory serves it was someone in the dream or the dream itself that taught him a series of notes that he then recorded. I’m not recalling who he said it was but someone then used his recording to wake a coma patient. Probably better just listen to that episode since im pretty sure i just horribly butchered his story.

  8. Ward says:

    Hey Greg do us a favor, the stream from Kill Radio last night was terrible, it was buffering every few seconds, basically Un-listenable. Please don’t edit out the good stuff, like i just got to your talking about Gabe Valdez talking to you about mad cows stuff then it buffered, so please post it unedited ok?

    • Pete says:

      … I recorded the show as normal and had the same problem, I thought the problem was at my end though? Great show up to that point, look forward to the RM page version.

      … and ‘Word’!! to DJ Misterioso.

  9. Bob Desnos says:


    Thanks for asking my questions. I really enjoyed this as I have your past interviews with Chris so I really appreciate it!

    The skinwalker stuff was awesome. So, what, at the end of the day you sense is going on there?

    • Greg says:

      I guess Chris would be the authority here. I think that the fact that people are out there looking at it is affecting the local environment and changing the dynamic. Sort of like the tree falling in the forest conundrum.

  10. JT says:

    Absolutely wonderful show, thanks Greg & Chris. I really dug all the stuff that NEVER gets talked about, like the Taos/Rumsfeld angle which was hitting all of my buttons at the same time.

    Same with the Prairie Dragons and corner-of-your-eye observations, fairies and all. I’ve certainly read about these things somewhere or the other, but it was the first time I’d heard someone talk about these in an intelligent an knowledgeable way. I’m infinitely more interested in this kind of phenomena than in nuts and bolts ufo reports. Thanks!

  11. Ofaebtas says:

    A great show. Thanks.

  12. Sagacious says:

    Great show. Chris, can you give the exact URL for where the prairie dragon pic is? I’d love to see it.

  13. Just finished listening. Since Chris is going to do a lot of traveling to L.A., it would be really cool if he showed as guest more often —though that’ll probably make Gene jealous 😉

    So Chris was the one who mentioned Bigelow to the Gorman family in the 1st place? They should have made him an honorary NIDS member!

    BTW, Jim Moseley was a guest at the Paracast last Sunday, and he mentioned that Bill Moore is living in Florida now, they might get together one of these days.

  14. Andy says:

    I must say that certain aspects of the Skinwalker case as reported in the Knapp book rub me the wrong way. Or, I should say it’s irksome that we have to rely on heresay for the elements of the story.

    When the cows were found crammed in the shed or trailer, could not the rancher have taken a picture? Yes ranching is a tough business, but dispoable cameras are available for only about $20.

    And when the rancher shot the strange wild dog or wolf which bled into the snow, could not a bit of the bloody snow have been retrieved and stored in a Baggie in the freezer?

    • What would a picture of some bulls crammed in a trailer have accomplished? If anything, the rancher would have pissed PETA off 😉

      And as for the bullet-proof wolf, that’s the very first thing they faced when moving to the ranch. Why would they feel the need to carry a camera then? It’s not like today, when everybody has a smartphone with a camera in it.

      The thing that bothered me the most about the Skinwalker affair was not the outlandish anecdotes, but the fact that they never showed what small inconclusive evidence they allegedly gathered. Obviously the initial purpose of the evidence was to support an eventual scientific paper submitted to peer review, which never came to be. But why not showing something of it on the web?

      It kind of reminds me of the multiple objections Paracasters have with Ray Stanford’s refusal to disclose his stuff.

      Bottomline, I think what the Skinwalker book showed is that even with the right disposition to study these phenomena with an open mind, we don’t yet have the proper tools or methodology to approach it. Perhaps we never will…

      • Greg says:

        The rumor is that there was never any plan to share any of this with the public. The idea was that since it was paid for by a private entity, that the public didn’t have any right to the findings. Likewise, the people involved didn’t have to explain or prove anything to anyone except the guy that was paying for it.

  15. Jim Parks says:

    Great discussion with Chris, who is one of my favorite researchers. He had hinted around on The Paracast about some of his recent adventures with Rosemary Ellen Guiley in the San Luis Valley — and with the Ventura crew at the Skinwalker Ranch — but you actually pried out some details. And Walter helped. One of the things about Chris is that he really seems to know and do a lot more than he talks about. Interesting guy.

  16. Jeff Ramey says:

    Great show, I like listening to Chris’s interviews and the work he does on The Paracast with Gene. The Tao’s stuff he touched on sounded really interesting, hopefull get to hear more details in the future. Love your show Greg!

  17. JILL says:

    on 11-11-12 my rural neighborhood was visited by something that left a single sometimes arching track in the gravel road, gravel and dirt driveways and thru yards. it came up to 5 homes, was right next to the houses. we are unable to come up with any logical explanations. i have lots of pictures. any thoughts?

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