Donation Button Added

A paypal donation button is now featured in the sidebar (lower right.) I am neither infirm nor homeless (at least not yet, thank goodness) but if you continue to enjoy the shows, please consider donating anything you can to Radio Misterioso. (Wow, now I feel like I’m a public radio station.)

Profuse thanks and stay tuned!

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6 Responses to Donation Button Added

  1. Paul Kimball says:

    Love the new show logo / banner!

  2. Well… call me a philistine, but…

    To me it doesn’t portray what Radio Misterioso is all about. And I’m not saying it should have flying saucers or Reticulans cavorting all over the banner.

    Here’s an idea: given your predilection for arcane vintage 1950’s music, i would go for some type of 1950’s-like typography. Something that gives a reminiscent flavor of the bygone era of Space Brothers and Venusian babes.

    But hey, it’s your logo. You should go about it the same way you make the radio show: to please yourself regardless of the audience’s opinion 😉

    • Greg says:

      Hey RPJ,

      It was donated by the guy referenced in the lower right corner of the image. He’s working on a few more with images I’ve sent along. I like your ideas and will pass them along.

  3. courtspark says:

    Hi Greg. This week I’ve going back through the archives and tonight I listened to the show with you, Richard , and Walter. “Project Beta” came up and I have a question: Why couldn’t the Airforce simply been honest with P.B., appealing to his patriotism? Wasn’t he a long-time contractor with the military? My copy of your book is loaned out so forgive me if this question was dealt with in “Project Beta.”

    • Greg says:

      I did discuss that in the book. The Air Force counterintelligence people thought that they could get more out of the situation by keeping in touch, rather than just telling him to go away. For instance, they could see how he was listening in on radio transmissions, what he was taking pictures of, and anything else he wasn’t supposed to know about. If Bennewitz could do it, others could as well, and they wanted to develop strategies for preventing this sort of activity in the future. They could also keep tabs on who he was talking to and keep an eye on those people. I hope this answers the question, and careful loaning books out! I’ve lost more treasured titles that way.

      I erased your first comment because it said essentially the same thing, but you did mention that you had been listening for years. Thank you for that!!

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