Chica Bruce: Renaissance Woman

Chica on a monitor during taping of a TV show.

Alexandra “Chica” Bruce is a smart cookie. I’ve known her for about a decade, but we’ve only been able to meet in person a few times. She first came to my attention with her book The Philadelphia Experiment Murder: Parallel Universes and the Physics of Insanity.

Since then, Chica has written six more books on subjects ranging from myths and realities of the 2012 “apocalypse” to a new translation and examination of testimony from the 1917 Fatima apparitions to investing in rare wines.

On February 28th, we took a day trip to Santa Barbara with the aim of getting Chica a paraglider flight. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, but I had her captive for the day, and convinced her to come by for a live appearance on Radio Misterioso.

She talked about her own startling UFO sighting at the age of 14 in Brazil. We then moved on to a short discussion of a book which accuses Tibetan Buddhist monks of various abuses, then an in-depth look at her Fatima book, and the implications of the prophecies that were revealed to the witnesses. We also talked about the devastating Chile earthquake, which had just occurred the day before, and the evidence of tidal surges we observed in the beach just that day. Chica talked about possible cosmic influences on the Earth and possible connections to the rash of recent earthquakes. This led to a conversation about the history of the planet as described by the theories of catastrophism (i.e. the work of Immanuel Velikovsky.) We end with some musical fun.

Lots more to hear in this episode. Download and enjoy.

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7 Responses to Chica Bruce: Renaissance Woman

  1. red pill junkie says:

    Good show —and Chica *can* sing too! 😉

    I’m a big fan of Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D’Armada. I confess I haven’t finished the first book of the Heavenly Lights trilogy, though; because I admit it has some REALLY dry parts full of charts and constant testimonial comparisons.

    Does Chica have a website where one can find more of her stuff?

    • SpaceBrother says:

      Glad you enjoyed the show. I don’t think she has a centralized website. There are a lot of links at her wikipedia entry.

  2. Gareth says:

    Oh great. Youre doing (somewhat)regular shows again. Ill have to remember to check back often.

  3. Pyythagoras says:

    how do i download the chica interveiw????

  4. Frank says:

    Radio Misterioso and Bishop have become as rare as hen’s teeth for me.

    Since I work nights on Sundays from September through March, I relied on the recorded downloads. Now that I can listen live again, the past two weeks…no show! Maybe you appear on Paracast, but I don’t download those guys anymore…the time spent on commercials is ridiculous.

    Radio Misterioso is one of my favorite podcast. Right up there with Vyzygoth and the dudes at Hometown Tales. I listen to their downloads over and over and over. And yours too…Moore, Senate, O’Brien, Gorightly, Et Cetera.

    I need a new Bishop fix!

    BTW: Chica, along with Andy and Skylaire were guest on Vyz’s lastest show.

    • Greg says:

      Hey Frank,

      Thanks for the compliments! I am finally repairing the site. The shows are being uploaded and the links are being repaired. We should be good to go in a week or so. I will resume the live shows next week.

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