Richard Sarradet: The Quiet Researcher

Richard has been a friend for 15 years. We were plunged into the government / UFO quagmire at the same time, meeting a man who told us he was from Naval Intelligence and who related increasingly strange stories about what the authorities knew, and were keeping from the public. Richard has continued his study and contacts with government operatives, but is interested in the scenario for personal reasons, quietly working his way into areas that most never hear about. On May 31st, he came into the studio to share some of his insight with the Radio Misterioso audience.

We began the interview with a background on Richard’s life, growing up in New Orleans, a stint in the Army as an artillery officer, and a move out to Los Angeles, where he became a major cast member of the soap opera General Hospital for three years. He then moved into film production and worked on writing and pitching UFO-themed programs in the late 1980s through the mid ’90s, but he’s also been deeply involved in the subject in ways that few ever allow themselves to become.

After some background intros, we moved to a discussion of the UFO enigma itself, and how there are no simple, sound-bite answers, which segues into a “what does the Government really know” discussion with speculation that may surprise you, as well as a an aside about AFOSI agent Richard Doty and his role in the Paul Bennewitz affair.

One of the questions that are asked of those who pursue Government agents is “If they lie so much, why do you bother talking to them?” Richard answers this one eloquently, and in a way only someone who has been playing “the Game” for years can.

This show meant a lot to me personally.  I was allowed to talk with two people (Richard and former AFOSI Agent Walter Bosley) who have looked at the government secrecy problem from a sophisticated point of view that is almost never discussed in public. There were some important clues on this show. Maybe too many.

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  1. Gareth says:

    Great show Greg. But I still don’t get it – don’t you find it a waste of time talking to Govt types? Ya never know if theyre talking shit or not…

    Only Joking!! I think you guys did a good job of explaining your position, and it makes PERFECT sense. Personally I like listening to shows like those old Doty C2C shows just for the fact that at least some of what they say is probably true. Even if 90% of it twaddle, its fun trying to penetrate their bullshit and figure something out. I can only imagine its just on a larger scale when you actually research and engage with these folks.

    Anyway, Im not sure if you know this but Don Ecker has been going through and posting his old shows on the Paracast forums. Gene has given him some server space I think. So I was thinking maybe he could post the show Richard mentioned where he and “Mike” were interviewed.

    (Heres where I asked Don about it anyway:

  2. SpaceBrother says:


    There are so many variables in the intel game. I’m not the best at it, but it’s like a massive chess game that goes on for years and has hundreds of players. The public doesn’t really now about it, but some things that come out of the spy labyrinth have far-ranging and historical implications. The fact that a tiny segment of it has to do with the paranormal is fascinating to me.

    Just read Chuck Barris’ book “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” which is hilarious and although he’s probably lying over 95% of the time, it’s just believable enough (in a way I can’t describe to most people) to make that other 5% potentially accurate. Barris was a game show producer in the 1970s and also claimed to be a CIA hit man. There was of course the movie made from the book a few years ago which I thoroughly enjoyed. No mention of UFOs anywhere in the text, but the spy stuff is great. I get the feeling that he is telling someone else’s story–maybe a friend in the “craft.”

    I’m hooked on this intel junk and the interaction I’ve had with those in the business is endlessly interesting. I suppose it’s some sort of vicarious excitement knowing things that few will ever hear about, and which I have to keep mostly to myself.

  3. I have been checking out your interviews over the last few days and just finished watching Confessions of a dangerous mind before shutting this tab down and read your post. Synchronicity.

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