Ray Stanford – Part 2

After the mysterious recording failure during our first interview with Ray, we promised to have him back to give the listeners the rest of his story. Stanford’s adult life and experience spans nearly the entire modern history of the UFO subject.

We started off with Stanford’s memories of government infiltration of and MIB-like activity associated with one of his early civilian UFO groups, including a possible murder attempt and his own early UFO sightings and questions he was asked about them by government officials.

My co-host (and former AFOSI agent) Walter Bosley gets into a heated debate with Stanford about the capabilities of the government to disinform researchers and efforts to cover up secret projects with UFO stories. In the interest of being fair to both parties in a discussion which seemed at a standstill, we moved on to Stanford’s work on Project Starlight. The effort was a research project designed to track and photograph UFOs which was active near the Austin, Texas area in the mid-1970s.

After the break, Stanford spoke about his memories of contactee Howard Menger, and his analysis of Menger’s photographs of spacebrothers and flying saucers, which he thinks were faked. He went on to talk about his theories for the origin of intelligences behind the UFO enigma.

We end with Stanford’s newest endeavour as an amateur palentologist and his many discoveries of dinosaur tracks, some of which are making the trip to the Smithsonian Institute for study and display.

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6 Responses to Ray Stanford – Part 2

  1. Ward says:

    Cool glad to see this is finally up thanks Greg!

    I must admit the first appearance i really like Ray and his recollections of Adamski and the early days of Ufology. This time around however he seemed way to amped up and defensive. His verbal sparing with Walter was pretty ridiculous. He can prove he saw “craft” moving at 3/4 of the speed of light in the atmosphere?
    wow you better back up remarkable claims like that.

    He treated Walter very poorly and ever when Walter told him what he did he just went on that Walter wasn’t on the inside.

    Sorry but it really soured my opinion of him.

  2. SpaceBrother says:


    I like to let the guests say what they want. They are the guests after all. Walter handled it pretty well.

  3. Gareth says:

    Great interview.

    The question is, are we ever going to see these videos Ray talks about? I hope it’s just a matter of the digitisation process taking a while to complete, because if Ray thinks these should never been in the public domain that would be a real shame.

    Also, I think the little tiff with Walter was more a misunderstanding than anything. All Walter was suggesting was that it is possible that the incident in question could have been an intel operation. He wasn’t saying that the 1400ft object Ray saw was probably a Govt craft, and he certainly wasn’t saying that all UFOs are Govt craft!

    I think Ray somehow got the impression that he was saying that.

  4. Gareth says:

    Greg when I posted my last question I had about 20mins to go, so I hadnt yet heard about your potential trip to see Ray and his photos/videos.

    If you ever make it (and I really hope you do, so we can see if the material is as good as Ray suggests) I wonder if you could take a scanner, and scan some of the better photos?

    Do you think Ray would allow that?

  5. SpaceBrother says:


    I don’t know about that argument, but you’re probably right. People will often get defensive at what they think someone is saying, rather than what they really mean.

    Perhaps I’ll make it out to Ray’s sometime this year–perhaps when I go the east coast in November. No promises, but I will ask about scanning the images.

  6. Mr T says:

    Just revisiting old shows on Stanford because after so much of hearing all his excuses and everything else with this guy I wanted to make a formal list and a timeline of The Ray Stanford bait and switch saga. I must say, I knew this would be extensive but even I am shocked at how long this has been going on with him and how long he has been defended by those I have respect for such as Christopher O’Brien. It’s been a decade of excuse after excuse, thrown in some real asshole behaviour such as the example found in this episode with Walter, but hey here’s a great Dinosaur discovery and just remember everyone “if he can do it looking down he can do it looking up”. BS
    and yes I’m aware of O’Brien stating recently that he has an agreement now but that’s what they’ve been saying since day one for Christ’s sake.

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