Chris O’Brien: Paranormal Research Is Too Narrow

Most people know researcher/ author Chris O’Brien from his books Mysterious Valley and Enter the Valley, both about his investigations into UFO and cattle mutilation activity in the San Luis Valley (SLV) area of Southern Colorado. We covered these subjects in two previous interviews which have been posted at my site. Chris’ official site is a treasure trove of information and useful links. This interview concentrates on the many other aspects of Chris’ paranormal investigations and theories.

We start the conversation with reports of bigfoot-type entities in southern Colorado. This leads to a discussion of the apparent interconnectedness of paranormal phenomena, and a possible nexus of violence and bad luck during upturns of weirdness in the SLV. Chris remembers an incident concerning psychedelics and synchronicity with cattle mutilations. We both decry the hesitation of many paranormal researchers to consider examples of strange events that don’t fit the narrow scope of their own research.

In the second hour, we discuss his ghost investigations and video taping in an abandoned mental institution, recordings of cursing ghosts, and apparent time slips during EVP recording sessions. One implication of the time-shifted EVP is the rumor that O’Brien has heard that there may be some sort of secret technology which can tune in and record conversations which have taken place hours, days, or years in the past. Riffing on this idea, we also talk about the possibilities of “time travel” through the use of visual and auditory equipment. This leads to a discussion of ancient tools of divination.

We also talk about the work of Ray Stanford, who Chris encouraged me to interview, and who I finally did just last week.

This interview was recorded on August 27, 2006.

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9 Responses to Chris O’Brien: Paranormal Research Is Too Narrow

  1. not_anonymous says:

    All the links for the Chris O’Brien interview seem busted.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the headsup. Working on it.

    – SMiles

  3. lachlan333 says:

    Are you still working on this?Looking for interviews with chris o’brien without gene steinbergs pathetic attempts at humor…Really enjoy the shows,What a treat, no advertisements and no revolting radio voices…Thanks.
    Regards Lachlan

    • Greg says:

      What are you referring to? Did I say something in the show about following up or working on something with Chris?

      I don’t know about revolting radio voices, but as for humor, you should enjoy the Nick Redfern interview I’m about to post. He recalls some of the funniest things he’s heard at UFO conventions.

      • lachlan333 says:

        OOPs…sorry i didn’t see this reply until 7 months later…i was referring to the o’brien interview described on this page…if the link was going to get fixed? either way the shows are still great…Regards Lachlan

  4. Scott says:

    There is no link to this interview after the description on the archive page.

  5. Marcelo says:

    I second that too. It seems that this interview is lost since there is no linked audio page 🙁

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