Richelle Hawks: Objectivity is Insidious

This was a fun interview from February 3 of 2008. Richelle Hawks writes a column called Medusa’s Ladder for Binnall of America, is part of a group of female writers on the paranormal at Women of Esoterica and has written articles for UFO Digest. Her home page blog is entitled Beamships Equal Love.

We talked about objectivity as an enemy of paranormal research, her investigation of a possible murder connected to Aliester Crowley (based on an enigmatic grave marker), the influence of the occult on anomalies research, old/new and female UFO contactees, the merit of channeled messages, controversy surrounding the spiricom device, her Men In Black experiences, a strange sighting of a tethered helicopter, her discovery of an alien face hidden in Crowley’s famous LAM drawing, and blog trolls.

The interview tended to be more of a conversation than most RadioMisterioso shows, but we did get deeper into some of the subjects because of it.

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  1. James says:

    Regarding LAM, Crowley actually never came out and wrote anything regarding LAM. The circumstances regarding this entity/whatever you want to call it, is a big mystery. Basically all that is known directly from Crowley is the drawing itself.

    Everything else is simply interpretations by others, including “officials” within the OTO or any other society. Grant has developed the Cult of LAM, based around contact with this entity, as described by Richelle (focusing on the eyes and being drawn in), but this system is entirely created by Grant and his followers, and has no roots in Crowley’s original beliefs about LAM (whatever those may have been).

    It should also be noted that Grant and his group were disowned by the “official” OTO, and the whole subject is highly controversial.

    Many within the Thelemic community view it as being deceived and drawn into the realm of Choronzon. Or to put it more simply, identifying this LAM being (and others) as a literal entity and being lost in the illusion of contact and power, when the true goal of this kind of work is contact with your Higher Self, and integrating the Higher Self with your conscious being. Getting sidetracked off into channeling something like LAM is falling into the trap of Choronzon, that demon of The Abyss, and as a result, remaining attached to the ego and never achieving the true goal.

    Anyway, I’m probably going off at too much of a length for a comment on this show, and its hard to pin down to a comment sized post.

    There’s a bit of lengthy discussion on LAM here:

    I enjoyed the show though, particularly the discussion of objectivity, which I found right on point with my thoughts.

  2. James says:

    Just as a slight addition to my comment, which I forgot to mention, there are some who believe LAM to represent an alien race from the Sirius star system, which they are in communication with.

    Also, along with the Cult of Lam, Grant incorporated the works of HP Lovecraft into his magickal workings. Basically he turned the HPL mythos into works to be taken seriously, which tells a lot about the character of Grant’s system IMO

    • Greg says:


      Thanks for the insight. I actually have a couple of Grant’s books. I don’t know what to make of the infighting over Crowley’s legacy, but I do agree with your opinion that it should basically be used for self-betterment. Unfortunately, the form that takes seems to ride on egos much of the time.

      • James says:

        I fully agree. While I remain open to different possibilities regarding what the hell is going on, and try to avoid becoming rigid in my beliefs, I mostly have no faith in organizations of any form. Especially occult related organizations. For me, the real work and learning is something that is done on an individual level. While its helpful to have others to share insight with and undoubtedly beneficial to have a “Master” to learn from, it seems virtually impossible to find a true Master that isn’t absorbed in ego games, and the organizations are absorbed in structure games. They seem to thrive on everything except the purpose of the work.

        Nature of the Beast?

        I’ve been really fascinated with occult/paranormal/UFO connections and intertwining lately. Its a shame that most researchers in the UFO/paranormal world seem to have an inherent bias against the occult, lumping it all in with “black magic” and “satanists” most of the time, because to me it seems like the experiences in these areas have some kind of strong relation. I guess that is generally being touched on more and more though.

        • James says:

          Was just reading The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts and came across a thought that seems to match this sentiment quite well:

          “A community may possess all the gold in the world, but if it does not farm its crops it will starve.”

          Relates specifically to the battle over Crowley’s legacy on more than one level..

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